Sandra Wilson
19:59 20 Apr 21
Four new tires, the truck drives so much better
13:55 17 Apr 21
Had the harmonic balancer replaced on my 05 Corvette. The shop allowed me to bring my own parts and charged a VERY fair price for labor. They kept me informed through the entire process and even (without asking) provided the old, removed parts, for my inspection. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and professional and worked with my difficult schedule. They have definitely earned my business going forward.
John Burton
19:37 16 Apr 21
I failed my state inspection because I had bad LF and RF lower ball joints. I took my car back and they replaced them at the price they quoted and it was ready in one day.
Lindsay Wood
23:44 11 Apr 21
Honest good mechanics, clean shop, highly recommend!
Juan Garcia
18:32 03 Apr 21
They are simply great. It's hard finding someone you can trust when you are new to an area. Which I am and they did a great job.
David Maples
19:41 23 Mar 21
Very professional and they even offer a loaner vehicle for 20 bucks a day they are way cheaper than most mechanic shops I talked to. I will be taking all my cars here.
01:15 25 Feb 21
Came in for an inspection to renew plates. They were able to fit us in within a couple hours. Nice people, fast service, seemed to be respectful of other customers as well.
Josh Snow
23:18 13 Jan 21
Did qaulity work on my 2001 Corvette replacing the harmonic balancer. The price they completed the job for was beyond fair and no additional work was performed without my express permission. Competent mechanics at a competitive price. Thankyou.
David Speer
22:50 27 Nov 20
Have used the Auto Clinic for 3 years and have always had excellent service and support. Earlier today I noticed that my 8 month old red dot battery was not charging and the Auto Clinic folks confirmed the bad battery and arranged a no charge exchange for me. GREAT service!!!
Carol Quinnelly
19:35 30 Sep 20
Honest and trustworthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Also fair and affordable prices. They aren't trying to rip you off. They are trying to help you.
Jenn Schouten
15:43 22 Sep 20
The most trusted auto mechanics shop I have ever been too. You an be assured they will not over charge and they are above and beyond honest. Their entrance is clean and their customer service is top notch. I will never make the mistake of going anywhere else again!
Jaime Jensen
02:17 19 Sep 20
They fixed my wprk truck. Very nice staff. I needed to get in to my work truck 2 times and they let me. They understood how fast we needed it back and did the best they could.
Mike Retzler
02:54 10 Sep 20
I am always happy with their work. I had am older car that needed a hard to find replacement. They were able to find the part to fix my car. Once again, great job.
Clint Rogers
19:11 31 Aug 20
Great experience, on budget and time!
Bill Moseman
16:09 14 Jun 20
Very good service and quality work
Trevise Clark
23:39 28 May 20
So professional and organized that they don't even get dirty working on cars. The bonus bucks are a plus. Come here for a mind blowing experience.
Bruce Nuffer
16:00 17 May 20
I can't imagine it's much fun to own an auto repair shop. You are rarely ever giving someone good news, and most of us don't budget well enough to handle those unexpected vehicle repairs. But over the years, I have chosen to continue taking my vehicles here because they are honest. I do a lot of my own work on my cars, so I know what I am talking about. And on a few occasions when I have taken my vehicle in for a repair for something like a CV joint or something, they have sent me home saying that there was no need to replace the item at just that time. This alone is a huge plus for know that a repair shop is willing to give up immediate cash in lieu of winning a loyal customer. They are often busy, so don't necessarily to expect to be able to get your car serviced right when you call; they seem to do their best to get everyone done as soon as possible. Their prices aren't cheap--my guess is that they charge the book rate for all repairs even if the actual work doesn't take the full estimated time. But I don't feel like their prices are inflated either. I am happy to let them charge me the book rate knowing that they are treating me fairly and honestly.
jim ankney
12:35 15 May 20
My review of the Auto Clinic's services and professionalism is long overdue.My daughter lives in Lee's Summit and I live near Tampa, Florida. Trying to be a good, long distance Dad has not been an easy thing for the last decade however I try my best, and when my daughter needed a new set of tires for her SUV, I had to shop around on the phone to get quotes. After contacting 5 different providers in the Lee's Summit area, I selected the Auto Clinic, and this is why.While obtaining quotes for the tires and installation, the Auto Clinic's stood above the rest. Although thier prices were comparable to the other competitors I contacted, it was the professionalism and the extra effort of thier sales associate, Jaya, that had me select them.After pricing the effort, I told Jaya how my daughter and I have a long distance relationship, that the tires are a birthday present for my daughter and that she works as a cashier at a grocery store in Lee's Summit. I also told Jaya that despite the terrible pandemic of COVID 19, my daughter turned down my offer to send her extra money so she could stop working for a while. Specifically, I shared with Jaya what my daughter told me....'I can't stop working Dad....I have to do my part. I work with people who are much older and have preexisting conditions, but thank you.'Hearing this, Jaya took it upon herself to obtain a beautiful birthday card and cake to suprise my daughter with after her tires were installed. Jaya didn't ask me to pay for the card or cake....all she wanted to do was make sure my little girl had an extra special birthday from her Disney dad in Florida, and she certainly did!I hope the management and potential customers of the Auto Clinic take the time to read this review. Our hard earned dollars are even harder to earn in recent times. The professionalism and care demonstrated by Jaya shows the Auto Clinic cares for it's customers and those struggling and facing danger.Thank you Jaya. Thank you Auto Clinic! 😊
Charlotte Lea
00:19 26 Feb 20
Got my car in quickly this week for an oil change and tire rotation before a road trip. The sweet young lady at the desk explained what had been done and got me on my way. Thanks Auto Clinic!
Brandon A
19:25 19 Feb 20
Great staff and awesome service. Got our vehicle in last minute and completed the work within a day. Will be back for all of our car service needs.
Hi Ha
22:21 29 Jan 20
I am Kay I am going thru an extremely difficult timing in my life I lost my job my home my family my everything on top of it all my car broke down on me. I went to the auto clinic 28 miles out of my area I prayed and searched Google for a cheap and affordable auto repair and their shop name came up 1st. Let me tell you all what this shop and their kind amazing employees did for me. They checked out my car and told me 410 dollars. I asked if they could help me on the price because they didn't know I had just sold my computer for 392 dollars the only money I have to my name so I was praying they will lower it to atleast 360 so I can have about 32 dollars to my name for gas and food till I figure out where I am going to go and what I am going to do. well the gentlemen I spoke with said he will do it for 310. Then I was told its completed and that they were only gonna charge me 200. I almost fainted when the guy said that. I told him I was told 310. He said its all taken care off. So basically they only charged me for the parts. This is the biggest miracle for me. The work took 7 hours. This shop and their employees are angels. They did all that work for free for me. May God always give them blessings. I am crying right now as my heart is filled with love and respect for them. 1 of them also gave me a number to get help for homeless housing. I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. and I pray whomever reads this review will never go anywhere else for their car needs. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL THANK YOU.
Paul Friedrichsmeyer
22:06 26 Jan 20
There are some things that I don't like doing when it comes to car repairs, these guys make it easy and affordable! We recently took my daughters car there to have the power steering high pressure line replaced and within a couple of hours they were done. I won't be taking my cars anywhere else but The Auto Clinic!
Carl Wilder
17:07 15 Jan 20
Honest pricing with great repairs on your vehicle.