Bruce Nuffer
16:00 17 May 20
I can't imagine it's much fun to own an auto repair shop. You are rarely ever giving someone good news, and most of us don't budget well enough to handle those unexpected vehicle repairs. But over the years, I have chosen to continue taking my vehicles here because they are honest. I do a lot of my own work on my cars, so I know what I am talking about. And on a few occasions when I have taken my vehicle in for a repair for something like a CV joint or something, they have sent me home saying that there was no need to replace the item at just that time. This alone is a huge plus for know that a repair shop is willing to give up immediate cash in lieu of winning a loyal customer. They are often busy, so don't necessarily to expect to be able to get your car serviced right when you call; they seem to do their best to get everyone done as soon as possible. Their prices aren't cheap--my guess is that they charge the book rate for all repairs even if the actual work doesn't take the full estimated time. But I don't feel like their prices are inflated either. I am happy to let them charge me the book rate knowing that they are treating me fairly and honestly.
jim ankney
12:35 15 May 20
My review of the Auto Clinic's services and professionalism is long overdue. My daughter lives in Lee's Summit and I live near Tampa, Florida. Trying to be a good, long distance Dad has not been an easy thing for the last decade however I try my best, and when my daughter needed a new set of tires for her SUV, I had to shop around on the phone to get quotes. After contacting 5 different providers in the Lee's Summit area, I selected the Auto Clinic, and this is why.While obtaining quotes for the tires and installation, the Auto Clinic's stood above the rest. Although thier prices were comparable to the other competitors I contacted, it was the professionalism and the extra effort of thier sales associate, Jaya, that had me select them.After pricing the effort, I told Jaya how my daughter and I have a long distance relationship, that the tires are a birthday present for my daughter and that she works as a cashier at a grocery store in Lee's Summit. I also told Jaya that despite the terrible pandemic of COVID 19, my daughter turned down my offer to send her extra money so she could stop working for a while. Specifically, I shared with Jaya what my daughter told me....'I can't stop working Dad....I have to do my part. I work with people who are much older and have preexisting conditions, but thank you.'Hearing this, Jaya took it upon herself to obtain a beautiful birthday card and cake to suprise my daughter with after her tires were installed. Jaya didn't ask me to pay for the card or cake....all she wanted to do was make sure my little girl had an extra special birthday from her Disney dad in Florida, and she certainly did!I hope the management and potential customers of the Auto Clinic take the time to read this review. Our hard earned dollars are even harder to earn in recent times. The professionalism and care demonstrated by Jaya shows the Auto Clinic cares for it's customers and those struggling and facing danger.Thank you Jaya. Thank you Auto Clinic! 😊
Charlotte Lea
00:19 26 Feb 20
Got my car in quickly this week for an oil change and tire rotation before a road trip. The sweet young lady at the desk explained what had been done and got me on my way. Thanks Auto Clinic!
Brandon A
19:25 19 Feb 20
Great staff and awesome service. Got our vehicle in last minute and completed the work within a day. Will be back for all of our car service needs.
Hi Ha
22:21 29 Jan 20
I am Kay I am going thru an extremely difficult timing in my life I lost my job my home my family my everything on top of it all my car broke down on me. I went to the auto clinic 28 miles out of my area I prayed and searched Google for a cheap and affordable auto repair and their shop name came up 1st. Let me tell you all what this shop and their kind amazing employees did for me. They checked out my car and told me 410 dollars. I asked if they could help me on the price because they didn't know I had just sold my computer for 392 dollars the only money I have to my name so I was praying they will lower it to atleast 360 so I can have about 32 dollars to my name for gas and food till I figure out where I am going to go and what I am going to do. well the gentlemen I spoke with said he will do it for 310. Then I was told its completed and that they were only gonna charge me 200. I almost fainted when the guy said that. I told him I was told 310. He said its all taken care off. So basically they only charged me for the parts. This is the biggest miracle for me. The work took 7 hours. This shop and their employees are angels. They did all that work for free for me. May God always give them blessings. I am crying right now as my heart is filled with love and respect for them. 1 of them also gave me a number to get help for homeless housing. I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. and I pray whomever reads this review will never go anywhere else for their car needs. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL THANK YOU.
Paul Friedrichsmeyer
22:06 26 Jan 20
There are some things that I don't like doing when it comes to car repairs, these guys make it easy and affordable! We recently took my daughters car there to have the power steering high pressure line replaced and within a couple of hours they were done. I won't be taking my cars anywhere else but The Auto Clinic!
Carl Wilder
17:07 15 Jan 20
Honest pricing with great repairs on your vehicle.
Michael Ditty
14:29 22 Oct 19
I was very impressed with the service I received at the Auto clinic. They were very fair and very honest with a major repair I needed done. I would recommend Auto Clinic to anyone. They have gained my business for the future.
Donald Lennard
15:16 08 Oct 19
Solid work on my 71 Corvette. Addressed a hot start problem that two of their competitors could not sort out. Can drive carefree now. Much appreciated.
03:54 07 Oct 19
Were able to get me in quickly, explained what needed to be done & why, friendly & helpful staff
connie fenske
23:14 27 Aug 19
They were very friendly and good at their job
butch keim
00:27 13 Jul 19
Since I have a fleet of cars to maintain, (large family). It's nice to have a place like this in our neighborhood that I can trust. Reasonable and no complaints with any work. Taking another one of our cars in tomorrow.
Vern Gib
17:13 11 Jul 19
This team have always treated us like family. They have been taking care of our auto needs for about 15 years now. We keep going back because we love the way they take care of us and our vehicles!!!!
17:03 07 Jul 19
Great service and the cost is very reasonable. They communicate well and do a great job.
Matthew Misener
14:51 05 Jun 19
Debra and Jaya were a pleasure to work with! Very easy to work with and unlike many other auto shops, took the time to explain the problem that my van was having. Will definitely be bringing all my business here in the future!
Clayton Smith
15:04 08 Apr 19
Worked estimates with Jaya over the phone and didn't have any issues. I was quoted ~$1500 AFTER my Tundra was brought in. The next day I got a call saying they had made an error and that the work would actually cost ~$750 more. Marshall told me on the phone that he would find me good discounts to make it right and apologized saying this isn't how they conduct business. ***Update*** Auto clinic called and discounted the final price and kept with their promise. The work done was great and the truck is running awesome.
John Sanders
21:06 04 Apr 19
Everyone here is always very educated and personable and the service is always wonderful
Jim Cadoret
17:38 08 Mar 19
I am a long time customer and was reminded why when I recently had work done on one of my vehicles. I trust the professionals at The Auto Clinic to provide an analysis of the issue I am having with my vehicles and to provide a fair price for work to correct any problem. They are courteous and professional in all of their dealings with me. The work is always done on time and at the price quoted for the work. I will continue to be a customer!
Brent Mammen
19:28 25 Feb 19
I've been taking my vehicles here for years and am rarely disappointed. I can count on them to give me a straight answer and only replace what really needs it and not try to up sell me on service that can wait. Marshall does a great job of communicating. Just had a Timing Belt/Water pump service on a high mileage car and they were the lowest price, got me in almost immediately, and even used OE parts. Thank you
John Keynes
01:08 20 Feb 19
Fellows: Since 1883, great mechanics and staff have kept my motors generating here, without adding a penny to my debt structures. On a personal, micro, and macro level; this directly correlates to long term fiscal sustainability and solvency in the capitalist society, whilst at the same time, I have arrived at conclusive data that suggests an additional benefit of dramatically reducing, or eliminating, severity of fiscal patterns of downturn...
Mark Griddine
21:07 13 Feb 19
I take all 3 of my vehicles to them. They are very professional and polite. They definitely have my business!
Andrew Escutia
17:46 07 Jan 19
Office staff is very friendly and went out of their way to correct a misunderstanding that had occurred. Followed up with me multiple times to make sure that the vehicle was running better
Sherry Irvin
15:50 07 Dec 18
Gene, Jaya, Marshall, and ALL the staff at the Auto Clinic are THE ABSOLUTE BEST! They are kind, helpful, courteous, considerate, professional, knowledgeable, and just TERRIFIC. We have taken our vehicles to them for years. You can trust them. We appreciate them very much.
Jameson Nunn
14:14 04 Dec 18
Great honest service... Excellent people to work with.
00:49 30 Nov 18
Got an appt the next day for my car's inspection. Ready to take my car when I arrived. Was able to accommodate my request at the time to rotate my tires. Asked if I wanted to do an oil change since I was overdue. Owner & Manager are very pleasant.
Christy Smith
15:53 27 Nov 18
Great customer service!! The tech named Tim was very professional and knowledgeable!!
Robert Shields
20:55 20 Oct 18
Great service, been using them for years.
Beth Royer
16:57 29 Sep 18
I've taken my cars to Auto Clinic for years and they've always done an excellent job. They've worked me into the schedule when there was something critical that needed immediate attention, like today. The atmosphere in the waiting area is much more pleasant than any other place I've gone over the years. I can hear the radio playing softly, but there's no TV blaring in my face (which would bother me). They offer free wifi service and coffee and water. They recently replaced the vending machine with a Lego play table for kids. I've never had reason to doubt the honesty of this place. They always explain everything clearly and ask for permission before proceeding with maintenance/repairs we hadn't already discussed. And I appreciate getting a 10% discount as a AAA member, too.
T Spates
18:22 21 Jul 18
I did a front end alignment today and they got me in and out while I waited. They did not try to sell me extra parts or service. They are fast and friendly. I just moved to this area and I found my new mechanic shop for my car! Thanks Auto clinic for your wonderful service today. I will be back....
Michael Rueckert
14:54 04 Jul 18
After several bad alignments at different places in St. Joseph, where I live, I decided to take my 97 Toyota 4Runner here. (I've heard good things from other 4Runner guys). My alignment was finished within a half hour and every bit of it is perfect. The steering wheel is completely straight, there's no bump steer, no pulling. This is my only experience with them so far but just the few minutes I spent talking to them along with this alignment proved to me that they know what they're talking about and do things the right way.
Mary Beth Bates
15:37 25 Jun 18
Honest, good mechanics! Fast turnaround.
Rebecca Retzler
14:13 12 Jun 18
The staff is super friendly. They've worked on my car, My moms car, my dads car. Every time I found a mechanic (at other shops) that I trusted, they would go out of business shortly after. The auto clinic has definitely earned my trust. They are honest about everything. They give you the best price possible. I will be taking my car here anytime I need something fixed
Deborah Pflanz
13:10 08 Apr 18
Great folks and honest, straight forward service
Michelle Covington
05:04 23 Feb 18
Gene and his team of superheroes do an amazing job. Can be trusted to be fair. We had them replace our front brakes, a few months later they were giving us some trouble so they simple redid them free of charge, didn't even have to ask. Never go anywhere else!
Amy Rasmussen
12:54 02 Jan 18
Awesome Staff and reasonable cost for labor!
Derrick Madge
00:27 26 Nov 17
Great service, professional staff, competent service providers and fair pricing.
Steve Mulford
14:14 31 Aug 17
They say what they will do and do what they say... backed up with good warranties
Nick Mosakowski
15:27 29 Aug 17
They always go the extra mile
Joseph Swab
17:44 25 Aug 17
I had new tires installed on my '16 Charger; wow what a great experience, I was treated honestly and fairly!Thanks!
Jeannie P
00:07 22 Jun 17
My husband has his SUV repaired their with good results so when my Lincoln Aviator recently started making a concerning noise I have them a call. They were able to see my vehicle very quickly, had a loaner car for me for very inexpensive and that made it so easy and convenient. Normally this would have been a very stressful experience, having car issues but they made it painless and pleasant!!
Frank Tsay
01:54 06 Jun 17
I've been using their services for years for my Lexus SUV and Inifinifi sedan. They always fixed the problems as promised. Staff are always friendly and attentive. Free shuttle service is excellent. I'd recommend this shop to all my friends.
Michael Fuller
03:19 02 May 17
I spend close to $60,000 in servicing for inventory at my dealership every year. I have worked with more than a dozen repair facilities in the last four years searching out a knowledgeable, honest, and realistically priced company to worn with.Having been a certified ASE mechanic for years and due to the nature of my inventory I know nearly every vehicle I send in there very well. Needless to say, shoddy work or fluffed pricing wouldn't really get past me, and numerous other shops have tried.I can say with absolute confidence that the Auto Clinic is a completely honest and fair shop that staffed knowledgeable and hard working techs.Gene, the owner, stands behind his word and will always make a wrong or confusion right and goes out of his way to do the right thing and take care of his customers. I have gladly sent a large amount of my customers there who have had equally amazing experiences.If you're considering the auto clinic, it's the right choice. And that's coming from a car enthusiast, car builder, dealership owning, 13 year mechanic, straight shooting guy.
E.J. McKernan IV
23:10 26 Apr 17
Fair and honest service. We take all of our family vehicles here.
The Doctor
21:27 22 Apr 17
Honest, friendly, and super helpful/accommodating. This is my place for car repair without a doubt!
B Tunks
11:21 30 Mar 17
Gene and the crew at The Auto Clinic have always been fair and upfront about the repairs made to our vehicles. We have used them for over ten years now. They look your vehicle over and make recommendations but don't force them on you like most other repair shops. They also store the information in their computer so that next time you are in they can remind you that it still needs XYZ part replaced. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking honest and expert advice on your vehicle repair.
J Clewell
03:21 20 Jan 17
I've used The Auto Clinic now two times to work on my Nissan 4x4 Frontier Truck. Once for exhaust and most recently for a warning light flashing. I'm a former auto repair guy myself, so I can recognize when someone is trying to milk me for unneeded repairs. These guys are honest and up front. They don't guess at a problem by throwing costly and unnecessary parts at it, and they tell you what it will take to do the right repairs at a fair price. The shop is clean, and the people are friendly and professional. I would recommend them to a friend and go back.
Sarah Noble
23:39 10 Jan 17
Marshall and the team have given us an awesome experience! Started with their multipoint inspection to find out everything about our 10 year old SUV that could use some work. For the biggest $$$ issue with the car, The Auto Clinic had a very fair price and had the work completed in just one business day!
Raymond Meek
14:10 07 Oct 16
I've been coming to The Auto Clinic for many many years. The Owner, Gene, was my next door neighbor at one point. Extremely professional business with absolutely great work! Yes the prices may be higher than other places but you definitely get a better quality of work here. You get what you pay for and there is no better auto shop around!
Dan Carpenter
20:23 15 Dec 14
Very good place for car repair. Honest and back up their work.
Joe Tamburello
14:45 24 Nov 13
The Auto Clinic is the place you need to take your car. They have been servicing my fleet of vehicles for the past 3 years and have always done a bang up job! Job done right every time. Not always the cheapest but very reliable. I live by the quote "You get what you pay for". Keep it up guys!
Michael Chapin
18:28 19 May 13
My son's car stopped running while visiting KC area on this past Saturday, around 12 noon. Looked on the internet and picked 'Auto Clinic' called the shop and talked with Scott. He explained that he closes at 4 p/m on Saturdays but would try to help. He had the car towed to his shop and after looking and testing it was determined a new alternator was needed. Scott called me to keep me informed all the way. He and the shop worked on the car past closing. At 5:30 it was ready after the test drive.Scott allowed me to pay over the phone as I was 150 miles to south and at home.This service deserves at least 5 stars. So very hard to find a shop not just trying to make money but also there to help you out in all situations. Can't say enough to express my thanks. Scott, you sure do know how to run a business and to take great care of your customers.Thanks again,Michael C
Kristen Maniscalco
00:12 11 Mar 12
Friendly service and fair prices. They took the time to explain the repairs to me and fixed everything perfectly. I would recommend this shop!